Replenish at Hair Quarters I & Yeomans Hall Barber Shop

Need a few minutes to unwind and rejuvenate? Leave your desk behind and come for a visit. We offer a massage chair while you wait and a relaxing atmosphere for a temporary break from workday stresses. Make an appointment or simply walk in and join us for a truly unique hair experience.

We offer a full range of salon and barber services to the entire Ft. Knox community, to include the traditional military style haircut, popular civilian cuts, or any style you choose. Bring the whole family; children and spouses are always welcome. Our employees are highly trained in barbering and cosmetology, and are ready to meet all of your hair grooming needs!

Why Choose Us?

At Hair Quarters I & Yeomans Hall Barber Shop we believe in having the most highly skilled professional barbers and beauty specialists we can find. Our friendly and informative approach to barbering and beauty needs is the hallmark of our service.

Contact us to find out how we can bring joy into your every day.